Buffalo Distilling Company

Makers of One Foot Cock Bourbon - Moonshine - Apple Brandy - Vodka & Krupnik

Welcome to Buffalo NY's first and finest Bourbon and Brandy Distillery!

New Cocktail Bar & Tasting Room Hours including: Tastings, Tours, OneFootCocktails, Kitchen & Retail

The schedule:

Thursday 3/1 Open 4pm - 11pm - Color Me White Reading w Kevin Thurston 7pm - 9pm

Friday 3/2 Open 4pm - 11pm - Live Music 7pm - Mom Said No

Saturday 3/3 Open 12 noon - 11pm

Shamrock Run After Hooley 12-5pm  

- One Foot Cock Krupnik Release Polka Party! 5pm Live Polka w Special Delivery!!

*Professor Roys' Polish Platters!!


Thurday 3/8 open 4-11pm - Live Music 7pm Chetty Chetty Bang Bang wsg The Chet Wicket Golden Pleasures Trio

Friday 3/9 open 4-11pm - Live Music 6pm Aidan McManus

Saturday 3/10 open 12 noon-11pm - 7pm

Beer Wine & Kitchen open!


In the years following prohibition, New York whiskey-makers were forced to head to the hills     - 100 years later, we have returned to the City.

Buffalo Distilling Company is a New York State Farm Distillery with roots dating back to 1883 and is now Buffalo's first Bourbon distillery.  Located in the Larkinville neighborhood of Buffalo, NY we are using local corn, rye, wheat, barley and apples to craft our spirits - grain & juice to glass. 

At Buffalo Distilling Co we are proud to create the finest hand-crafted, small-batch Bourbon,  Moonshine, Apple Brandy and Vodka in perfect harmony with Western New York's rich agricultural heritage.

Our new Distillery and Cocktail Bar in the former Duchmann & Sons Carriage Mfg building opened in March.  Located at 860 Seneca St in Buffalo's Larkinville, the 1890 Duchmann building is a stunning brick reminder of Buffalo's incredible industrial past.


Our Spirits


One Foot Cock Straight Bourbon Whiskey

As a first generation New York State Farm Distillery dedicated to true grain to glass craft Spirits, it has been a challenge keeping our Bourbon in the barrel for 2+ years - reaching this milestone brings great pride to our stillhouse and a delicious offering to the market.

One Foot Cock Straight Bourbon is a decidely richer, smoother, and at 90 proof, more momentous experience than its  younger ancestors and other Bourbons in its class.

The flavors and textures of our NYS corn, higher rye and malt barley bill are present but with a more mature nod to the past.

Distilled in very small batches, One Foot Cock Straight Bourbon is available in very limited amounts and currently avalable only at our Distillery in Larkinville.


One Foot Cock Apple Brandy:  Aged

A true gentleman's brandy, One Foot Cock Apple Brandy is the "Original Humdinger" for sure.  

We ferment the finest apples in the world fresh from local Smith's Orchard and double distill in our custom pot still. Aged in oak barrels for exceptional smoothness allowing for a robust apple & vanilla aroma at first glance with a delectable smoky finish.  

Whether you find yourself stranded on the side of a frozen alp or relclined by a crackling fire, One Foot Cock Apple Brandy is your perfect companion.  For recipes click here.


One Foot Cock Bourbon -  Born on the 4th of July

One Foot Cock Bourbon Whiskey has been a hit since our first two barrels were released on the 4th of July 2014.

This is the first Whiskey from the Buffalo Distilling Company in 100 years and the the first Bourbon Whiskey in WNY ever.  

Local corn, wheat & barley make up our mash bill for a flavor that is unique, resplendent and a true snapshot of Buffalo's flavor profie. This is our flagship whiskey and destined to be the "paw-paw" in our legacy.

Life is a game of inches - make it a One Foot Cock.


Introducing One Foot Cock Vodka

We are proud to announce the world's most tumescent vodka:  One Foot Cock Vodka

Proudly mashed from local grain, fermented and distilled in house, One Foot Cock Vodka is an oasis in a sea of industrial GNS!  

While many "craft distilleries" are trying to polish the rubbing alcohol taste from the factory Grain Neutral Spirit they start with, we are carefully distilling One Foot Cock Vodka to a perfect balance of body and character.

Starting with a warm, full feel on the tongue, this true craft vodka is rich with an inherent sweetness that makes a tasty cocktail or "all business" martini.  We work hard to produce a delicious premium vodka for your enjoyment.

Stop into the Distillery for a Nothing Beets a One Foot Cock Martini!


 WARNING:  Hillbillies have landed in the city of Buffalo and they have taken a "shine" to it

WARNING:  Hillbillies have landed in the city of Buffalo and they have taken a "shine" to it

One Foot Cock Moonshine

From our humble country beginnings we offer you a true taste of backwoods flavor - One Foot Cock Moonshine.  

Made from local corn & a touch of malted barley from our Farmer John at Sheldon Grain.   The aroma will take you down a dirt road,  the flavor deep into the hills, and the spirit will have you howling in your neighbors underpants if you are not careful.

Available in three sizes including the 200ml Pistol Packing Punk.


 Buffalo NY is America's Krupnik Capital and One Foot Cock Krupnik is Buffalo's original Krupnik

Buffalo NY is America's Krupnik Capital and One Foot Cock Krupnik is Buffalo's original Krupnik

One Foot Cock Krupnik

Buffalo's original Krupnik starts with our delicious grain to glass Vodka as its base.  We then use local honey (a lot!) and special spices to create a Krupnik the world has never seen or tasted before.  The flavor and body are truly resplendent.  

Delicious up, on ice or with Iced Tea for the Summer.  

All of our Spirits to be enjoyed by those who are 21 years of age or older.

 Celebrating the release of One Foot Cock Krupnik at America's biggest Dyngus Day Parade in Buffalo NY!

Celebrating the release of One Foot Cock Krupnik at America's biggest Dyngus Day Parade in Buffalo NY!

The Official One Foot Cock T-shirt (black)

Mens sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL