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Welcome to Buffalo NY's first and finest Bourbon, Krupnik, Vodka and Brandy Distillery!

The Makers of One Foot Cock Fine Spirits - We are a true New York State Farm Distillery

~100% local grain to glass (100% local apples make our Brandy)~

Cocktail Bar & Tasting Room including: Tastings, Tours, OneFoot Cocktails, Food, Live Music & Retail

Wednesday 4-11pm

Thurday, Friday & Saturday 12 noon-11pm

In the years following prohibition, New York whiskey-makers were forced to head to the hills - 100 years later, we have returned to the City.

Buffalo Distilling Company is a New York State Farm Distillery with roots dating back to 1883 and is now Buffalo's first Bourbon Distillery. Located in the up and coming Larkinville neighborhood of Buffalo, NY we are using local corn, rye, wheat, barley and apples to craft our spirits - grain & juice to glass.

At Buffalo Distilling Co we are proud to create the finest hand-crafted, small-batch Bourbon, Moonshine, Brandy and Vodka in perfect harmony with Western New York's rich agricultural heritage.

Our Distillery and Cocktail Bar in the former Duchmann & Sons Carriage Mfg building opened in March 2017. Located in Buffalo's Larkinville, the 1890 Duchmann building is a stunning brick reminder of Buffalo's incredible industrial past.

The World's First Barreled Krupnik!

The World’s First Ever Barreled Krupnik is Coming to Town


We are releasing the world’s first ever Barreled Krupnik on Saturday, November 24. Just like our Original One Foot Cock Krupnik, our Barreled Krupnik is made from 100% local WNY grain and honey – a lot of honey – mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled by hand right here in Buffalo, NY.


Our Barreled Krupnik is then finished in our very own Apple Brandy and Bourbon barrels for several months, giving it a decidedly darker amber color. You will immediately enjoy the more pronounced honey in the nose and initial taste. The process gives the spirit a richer, more complex flavor that evokes hints of stone fruit and vanilla.


Tasting Tips


Neat or blended? We encourage both! Either way, our spiced honey liqueur will soon become the bottle you reach for again and again, especially heading into the holiday season. The softer, more mellow profile serves well on the rocks or you can add a splash to your favorite Old Fashioned or Manhattan. On a chilly winter day, this is exactly what you need in your hot tea to stay warm and cozy.


Save The Date


This release calls for a celebration! Mark down Saturday, November 24 in your calendar. This is the day where you can officially walk away with a bottle of One Foot Cock Barreled Krupnik in hand. The release party promises Polish food, live Polka music from Special Delivery, and plenty of Barreled Krupnik. Tastings and tours will be available throughout the day. Tell your friends, and send us a RSVP on our Facebook page.


Presale Starts Now


These bottles will sell fast. That’s a fact. Luckily, you can pre-order yours right now! Come on in, and order your first bottle or few today. One Foot Cock Barreled Krupnik Batch No.1 bottles are $42 each. Tastings are, of course, encouraged. The first 150 bottles will be hand dipped in wax to commemorate the release. Because, why not? Hint, hint gift inspo right here.