Buffalo Distilling Company

Makers of One Foot Cock Bourbon - Moonshine - Apple Brandy - Vodka & Krupnik

Welcome to Buffalo NY's first and finest Bourbon and Brandy Distillery!

New Cocktail Bar & Tasting Room Hours including: Tastings, Tours, OneFootCocktails, Kitchen & Retail

The schedule:

Thursday 3/1 Open 4pm - 11pm - Color Me White Reading w Kevin Thurston 7pm - 9pm

Friday 3/2 Open 4pm - 11pm - Live Music 7pm - Mom Said No

Saturday 3/3 Open 12 noon - 11pm

Shamrock Run After Hooley 12-5pm  

- One Foot Cock Krupnik Release Polka Party! 5pm Live Polka w Special Delivery!!

*Professor Roys' Polish Platters!!


Thurday 3/8 open 4-11pm - Live Music 7pm Chetty Chetty Bang Bang wsg The Chet Wicket Golden Pleasures Trio

Friday 3/9 open 4-11pm - Live Music 6pm Aidan McManus

Saturday 3/10 open 12 noon-11pm - 7pm

Beer Wine & Kitchen open!


In the years following prohibition, New York whiskey-makers were forced to head to the hills     - 100 years later, we have returned to the City.

Buffalo Distilling Company is a New York State Farm Distillery with roots dating back to 1883 and is now Buffalo's first Bourbon distillery.  Located in the Larkinville neighborhood of Buffalo, NY we are using local corn, rye, wheat, barley and apples to craft our spirits - grain & juice to glass. 

At Buffalo Distilling Co we are proud to create the finest hand-crafted, small-batch Bourbon,  Moonshine, Apple Brandy and Vodka in perfect harmony with Western New York's rich agricultural heritage.

Our new Distillery and Cocktail Bar in the former Duchmann & Sons Carriage Mfg building opened in March.  Located at 860 Seneca St in Buffalo's Larkinville, the 1890 Duchmann building is a stunning brick reminder of Buffalo's incredible industrial past.